Now this is not the kind of thing we would normally associate with the Hifi news section of Hifi Pig but we were really BandBtaken by what these audiophiles have done with their bed and breakfast in Wales.

We asked Caron, the owner, a few questions about how and why they set up the Llwyn Helyg bed and breakfast in Nantgaredig, Wales.

Read on audiophiles, you’ll love this.

” Music has been such a fundamental part of both myself and  my wife, Fiona’s, lives. Following years of enjoying listening to music collectively with friends at our home, we decided that the world needed a Bed & Breakfast for ‘Music Lovers and Audiophiles’.

And so began a largely tortuous period for the couple between buying a derelict house in 1996, demolishing it, purchasing some adjoining parcels of land and ultimately designing and building Llwyn Helyg between 2001 and 2012.

“We hadn’t planned on taking so long, but things happen in West Wales at a somewhat leisurely pace!”

Llwyn Helyg is a brand new ‘Country House’ with a dedicated room for the HiFi and this is what stands it apart and makes it of interest to us here at Hifi Pig. The room is 10 x 6 mtrs. with a vaulted ceiling and one phase of the ‘three phase’ electric supply purely for that room.

“We have been extremely fortunate in winning a number of prestigious awards in the last year or so – much of it due to the unique music facilities here. Response to ‘The Listening Room’ since we started having guests in Spring 2013 has been overwhelming.  Since over 90% of those who choose to stay here know nothing about the HiFi or indeed music, their reaction has been fascinating as the vast majority of people really like music but have never heard replay on anything much better than what we have on the high-street!” Caron continued.

Commenting on the system Caroin says “As with most audiophiles, our systems are continually being ‘improved’ but we are having enormous pleasure from what we have here, and sharing it with others is such a fantastic feeling. Essentially the main rig is a  Krell Reference / Wilson Audio / Theta / Basis system”.

Looking forward to our visit sometime soon, guys.


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