AudioQuest will be partnering with several exhibitors at the show next week, wiring and powering lots of systems and participating in events and talks.

Sixth-floor ListenUp Suites – Audio Alternative Suite 8125: With the new Vandersteen KENTO Carbon Loudspeaker

HeadSpace – with Noble Audio (Booth 63) and Upscale Audio (Booth 65): Where you can experience the new DragonFly Cobalt.

Schedule Of Events

ListenUp Suite 6105

Friday and Saturday, 10am, 11am, Noon, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm (first 15 minutes of the hour): Isaac Markowitz, AudioQuest’s Ambassador of Aspirational Audio, will demonstrate AudioQuest’s Mythical Creature and Folk Hero speaker cables, featuring AudioQuest’s ZERO (No Characteristic Impedance) and patented GND (Ground-Noise Dissipation) Technologies.

Friday and Saturday, 3:30pm: Ask the Founder—Join AudioQuest’s Bill Low for a casual, wide-ranging discussion on all things AudioQuest. Ask Bill anything!

The Audio Alternative/Vandersteen Suite 8125

Friday and Saturday, 11am: Ask the Founder—Join AudioQuest’s Bill Low for a casual, wide-ranging discussion on all things AudioQuest. Ask Bill anything!

Friday and Saturday, 2pm: Kill the Noise—Join AudioQuest’s Senior Director of Engineering, Garth Powell, for a detailed discussion and demonstration of the  Niagara, NRG, Wind, and Storm Series AC power products, and the intrinsic challenges today’s environment has brought to AudioQuest’s AC power. Garth will discuss the ways in which noise can infiltrate an audio/video system, what you can do to defeat it, and how to maximize current delivery and performance to any power amplifier. Run time: Approximately 50 minutes.

You’ll find AudioQuest contributing cabling and clean power to several systems throughout the show, just look for the “Wired with AudioQuest” and “Powered by AudioQuest” signs.

For all the up to date RMAF 2019 news and show coverage, check out our Rocky Mountain Audio Fest section here.

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