AudioQuest contacted us to tell us about their six new subwoofer cables with a canine theme. The line begins with Wild Dog XLRthree models optimized for single-ended applications: Black Lab, Irish Red, and Boxer. Husky, Wolf and Wild Dog share the same Triple-Balanced Geometry as AudioQuest’s Rivers and Cosmic Series analogue interconnects, providing a separate ground-reference conductor for balanced applications with XLR plugs, and a lower impedance on ground for single-ended applications using RCA plugs.

AudioQuest’s Subwoofer Series starts with Black Lab’s Solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) Conductors, with each successive model adding increasing amounts of silver plate; Wild Dog is the alpha with its Solid 100% Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) Conductors.

Prices range from £29 for a 2m length of the Black Lab to £1289 for the same length of Wild Dog with lots of different lengths being available.


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