The latest integrated amplifier from the American self proclaimed “kings of valve-based audio” sports a smart new 2979_Audio_Research_VSi75design and technology trickled down from the company’s Reference 75 power amp.

It’s an integrated amplifier with an open chassis design and is intended to be a step up to the existing VSi60 integrated amplifier which will continue to be manufactured and sold.

The new amplifier has new look case-work, a natural anodised top plate and an LCD display showing input selection, volume, individual valve bias etc.

The VSi75 delivers 75W per channel using four KT120 output valves and two 6H30 driver valves. Wide bandwidth output transformers are used along with proprietary coupling caps matching those used in the Reference 75 amplifier.

The unit comes with a metal cased remote handset

Audio Research said “The resulting sound from these cumulative improvements is striking, with tremendous resolution of detail, silky and extended highs, surprising weight and authority, and the ability to develop an immense sound stage. The VSi75 sounds very much like the amp from which it borrows, the REF75, with an immediacy, delicacy and focus that are captivating.”

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