Audiosense, the earphone manufacturer, is known for its Balanced Armature IEMs, they use Knowles drivers and customise them. They have just launched their flagship AQ7 IEMs.

New Look

Audiosense is no stranger to making beautiful looking IEMs, as evident in their previous models such as the DT200 and the flagship T800. The AQ7‘s outer shell is 3D printed using a bio-compatible, and skin-friendly material. This material is indeed very firm and durable. It has to be, as the outer shell houses seven different drivers inside of it.

10mm Titanium Diaphragm Driver

For the AQ7, Audiosense used a 10mm Titanium Diaphragm unit. But why Titanium specifically? Good question. Like Beryllium, Titanium offers many advantages over magnetic dynamic drivers, namely speed, accuracy, and superb bass reproduction. For the bass, Audiosense employed the Knowles 31618.

Six Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

Six different Knowles drivers are inside the 3D printed housing of the AQ7.

2 Knowles 31618 for the low frequencies.

2 SWFK31736 compound units for the high-frequencies.

2 Customized Knowles compound units for the mid-frequencies.

To smoothly integrate the seven different drivers of the AQ7, Audiosense included three sound channels and a four-way crossover circuit.


To ensure the sound quality and allow easy convenient future cable upgrades. Audiosense used an MMCX interface for the AQ7, plus included an 8 strand single crystal copper cable.

Price & Availability

Audiosense confirmed the availability of the new AQ7 before the end of this month, price $498.99

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