Owned and founded in 2011 by speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, AudioSolutions speakers are produced and manufactured in Vilnius, Lithuania.

High End Munich

On display at High End Munich will be the debut of their newest loudspeaker line, Virtuoso. Gediminas told us: “We were missing for some time a link between Figaro series speakers and Vantage speaker series. Visually and price-wise you can clearly see that there is a gap and Virtuoso will be filling this gap. Not only price-wise Virtuoso will be sitting in the perfect middle between Figaro and Vantage but also visually – Virtuoso has most technology borrowed from Vantage flagship, and design is less aggressive and expressive, more every-day and is closer to Figaro speaker series”.

High Gloss Finish

Virtuoso is equipped with two 7.5″ woofers, a 6.5″ midrange driver and a 1.2″ tweeter. The midrange covers 500-7000Hz. Also, Virtuoso is equipped with three different crossovers which the listener can choose between depending on their mood or listening situation. Virtuoso will be available in ten or more high gloss finishes with a variety of colours.

The middle-sized pair, Virtuoso M, which retails at 25000€, will be presented at High End Munich 2019 in Halle 1, A02.

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