AUDIRVANA, maker of AUDIRVANA PLUS, the Hifi audio player initially made for Mac users, has announced the launch of its Windows 10 version for PC owners.

Created by Damien Plisson AUDIRVANA PLUS can be used by Mac users to replace iTunes. “As a music lover and always looking for the best Sound Quality, I am very happy to present this new product Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 which allows PC owners to enjoy their music with the sound quality they dreamed of”, adds Damien.

AUDIRVANA PLUS acts on two levels. It significantly reduces the audio signal path and removes noise and other electromagnetic and it performs the necessary digital processing before conversion to analogue. AUDIRVANA PLUS for Windows 10 has the same benefits as AUDIRVANA PLUS 3.2 for Mac, including new « View by Artists » in addition to those by Tracks, Albums. Direct selection of the audio device on the main Interface. Redesigned Search engine and a new Mini-player.

Other features include: Playback of all the popular audio formats, including HiRes audio files such as FLAC, WAV, AIFF, the new MQA format as well as DSD files. Integration of Qobuz and TIDAL HiFi Streaming Services. Remote control with the A + Remote app. Compatibility with network players that use the UPnP / DLNA standard.

AUDIRVANA PLUS for Windows 10 will be available in June 2018 with a 15-day free trial version. Price : 64 € / $ 74 excluding VAT.




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