Aurender will be at this year’s High End Munich event in Halle 4 E17 where they will introduce the new N100H Music Server/Player.Aurender_media_player_munich_high_end

“The N100H Server/Player allows users store up to a 2TB music collection via its internal hard drive. And while its performance is audiophile-quality, you don’t have to be an IT expert to setup and enjoy the N100H,” says Harry Lee, Aurender’s Director. “It has all the qualities that an audio enthusiast seeks, but with streamlined simplicity, design, and tremendous functionality for the average user. The 2TB drive provides enough space to store all but the most extensive music libraries making the N100H the ideal solution for most music lovers.”

The N100H Server/Player accesses and plays music stored on an internal drive and also provides for storage capacity expansion via an external network-attached-storage (NAS) device or USB hard drive.

Because the N100H features Solid-State-Drive (SSD) cached playback of the 2TB internal or NAS or USB attached drives (via its 120GB SSD), both internal and external drives simply store music. When music is selected, it’s quickly loaded into the SSD cache drive for playback.

You can control the N100N Server/Player with the Aurender Conductor App for iPad (or the new Android “Lite” App).

The N100H with 2TB internal storage and 120GB SSD for caching playback is available May, 2015 ($2,699).



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