Serbian brand, Auris Audio, has tipped its toes into the world of vinyl with their first tonearm, the Auris Tangenta Hawk.

The Auris Tangenta Hawk will be available in several different lengths and finishes and is the first in a line of Auris Analog Tangenta tonearms. The model pictured is the 12” American Walnut and gold plated brass version.

Auris Audio Tangenta Hawk Tonearm

Auris Audio will launch their first turntable, the Rondo, later this year.

Auris Audio Tangenta Hawk Tonearm in American walnut and gold plated brass

Product Specification

Length 12”

8 ball bearings

VTA 10mm

Azimuth +-3 degrees

Material – Brass 24k gold plated

Weight 1860g

Connection- RCA gold plated or WBT silver

Anti skating – 2 ball bearings easy removal

Arm wand – American Walnut

Overhang 13mm-17mm

Anti weight precision- 0.001g

Auris Audio Tangenta Hawk Tonearm


Pricing will range between $599-$17,999 depending on length and model.

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