Serbian audio manufacturers, Auris Audio, are set to unveil two new amplifiers at The High End Show in Munich.

The first is the Headonia, a powerful single ended tube headphone amplifier that can drive two pairs of headphones simultaneously. Auris say “This is the perfect solution for headfi enthusiasts who want to enjoy their listening experience with others”.

Auris Audio’s second new product is the Fortissimo integrated tube amplifier. It has been designed in Push-Pull technology, with an output power rating of 100W. As the name Fortissimo (meaning music played very loudly) suggests, this amplifier is made for those who enjoy “dynamic genres of music”.

The Fortissimo is currently available in the KT 120 Model, due to the KT120 valves it uses. Auris Audio plan to offer new models that utilise EL 34, 6550 and KT88 valves, in the future. Both amplifiers feature Auris Audio’s signature wooden enclosure design.

The Headonia and Fortissimo amplifiers debut at The High End Show in Munich. Full pricing details will be available after.

Technical Specifications for Headonia Single Ended Headphone Amplifier

Tubes 1x ECC99 , 2 x 2A3
Amplifier Configuration Single Ended
Input Sensitivity 1V
Input Resistance 100kOhm
Power output Max3W
Output Impedance 2x 32 Ohm/80 Ohm/150 Ohm/300 Ohm & 600 Ohm

Technical Specifications for Fortissimo Integrated Tube Amplifier

Output power RMS 100W
Class operation A/AB
Configuration Pentode – ultra linear
Vacuum tubes 4 x KT120, 4 x ECC99
Inputs sensitivity 1.2 Vrms
Input impedance 100kΩ
Inputs 4 x Line
Outputs 4 & 8Ω





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