Some months ago, a member of the “Martian Dream Ensemble”, an international artist collective initiated by the renowned artist Dominique Gonzales Förster, contacted the German horn loudspeaker manufacturer, Avantgarde Acoustic, with a one of a kind idea.

They wanted to use the Avantgarde Acoustic DUO XD (the reference loudspeakers which we use at Hifi Pig Towers) as part of an installation in a forthcoming exhibition at the gallery for contemporary art Leipzig (GFZK), Germany.

Holger Fromme of Avantgarde told us: “The more we got to know about their vision, the more we knew that this would be an important and exciting encounter between contemporary art and our speaker systems”.

Martian Dreams Ensemble leads visitors through dreams, projections and desires to Mars and back again. Musically, spatially and graphically, the ensemble plays with the possibilities of the format of an exhibition. Julian Perez, a DJ and producer, composed spherical sounds for the DUO XD that invites the visitors to stay, listen, and dream. The minimalist atmospheric space was designed and realised by the architect Martial Galfione, not only providing first-class sound, but also a beautiful futuristic environment for the DUO XD.

Martian Dreams Ensemble is now on at the GFZK Leipzig, until 17th of February 2019.

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