As you may well know, we are big fans of Avantgarde Acoustic’s loudspeakers and are proud owners of their Duo XDs, in bright red. Avantgarde Acoustic are well aware that their speakers do not hide away in a corner, or on a shelf, and are proud of their stand-out appearance.

Avantgarde know that the appearance of their speakers can also be a springboard for the imagination and that they represent a distinct lifestyle ‘powered by’ horn loudspeakers.

Because of this they have created a Room Selector to allow clients to play around with rooms and speakers and find the perfect combination of colours and space for their new horns. Avantgarde Acoustic told us “It has long time been our desire to find a tool for illustrating this, and for giving examples that make people dream of a lifestyle that incorporates our horn loudspeakers, celebrating a symbiosis of great interior design and great sound”.

In a process that lasted the last few months, a skilled CAD engineer created renderings of various high class interiors and Avantgarde’s speaker models (including a multitude of finish options), which are freely combinable by simply clicking according buttons. Whatever your style taste you can have your perfect interior and horn combination in just a few clicks.

The Room Selector tool will be available soon on the official Avantgarde Acoustic Website, in each product menu under ‘Room Selector’.


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