The Trio speaker system from Avantgarde Acoustic is undoubtedly an iconic loudspeaker. It has been refined over the years and now the German horn manufacturer is releasing a special, limited edition of their flagship product, to celebrate their 26th anniversary.

What if we ignore the past, and put simply everything to question again?” says Holger Fromme of the design approach for the Trio Luxury Edition 26. And as improbable as it seemed initially, through research on mechanical structures, materials, and crossover parts Avantgarde did find some room for improvements.

Combined at the same time with a “Luxury Edition” approach, Holger Fromme concluded: “There is so much to gain for our most discerning customers in performance, appearance and in a limited-to-26-pairs exclusivity, we simply have to do it!”

Avantgarde Acoustic’s careful material selection led to the choice of German oak veneer and solid V2A stainless steel bars for the frame. The limited edition Trios will even get a bit of a “Midas touch” with the option of 24k gold plated V2A steel bars and for the flare of the Bass Horns. Not just a visual makeover though, there are new crossover capacitors hand made in Germany resulting in weights of up to 700 grams per capacitor and a price of 1000€.

Avantgarde Acoustic have released the brochure, which is also available as a coffee-table book from selected dealers.


  • 109 dB efficiency
  • 27 Ohm drivers with Strontium ferrite magnets
  • 180 mm spherical tweeter horn
  • 570 mm spherical midrange horn
  • 950 mm spherical low-midrange horn
  • 100 V CPC crossover design
  • Subwoofers available as separate units


  • TRIO horns available in 10 standard colours
  • BASSHORN cabinet available in German smoked oak veneer
  • Gold option: 24K gold plated V2A steel parts & BASSHORN flare in brushed gold finish




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