DAC 2, from Berlin based B.M.C., is not a standard digital-to-analogue converter, it is a preamplifier and the control centre for a full B.M.C. Audio system.

For accurate timing the DAC 2 features the highest standard of ultra-low-jitter clocks within a femtosecond error range, with the lowest phase noise for the USB domain.

High End Clocks

The DAC 2’s asynchronous, high-resolution (32-bit / 384kHz) USB input generates the music data stream using those high-end clocks, to convert pure package data to a continuous audio stream, closely located to the digital-to-analogue conversion.

B.M.C. Superlink

Embracing the traditional CD playback on the peak of it’s evolution is another feature of the DAC 2. This is where Superlink comes in. In addition to the standard S/PDIF inputs, the DAC 2 offers B.M.C.’s proprietary Superlink connection to the BDCD 2. Superlink is a digital connection that employs four separate BNC cables for the clock and the digital audio signal, with the master clock being very near the digital-to-analogue conversion.

High End Preamplifier

On the analogue side of the converter, the signal current from the D-to-A converter is converted to output voltage via a virtually distortion-free Current Injection input and Load-Effect-Free circuit with an extremely short signal path.

The DAC 2 has a true analogue domain that works independently of the DAC. Whenever an analogue input is selected the digital domain is idle. The operation as a traditional high-end preamplifier is built in; but also a special mode for combining with B.M.C. amplifiers is available, boosting the sound quality further with the same hardware. In this mode an analogue balanced source is directly connected to the B.M.C. amplifier’s input in “current injection” mode. The amplifier uses it’s variable gain for setting the volume lossless and all of it is controlled by the DAC 2, in a way that you won’t feel any difference in usage. The previous model DAC 1 is fully upgradable to DAC 2.

B.M.C. say: “The DAC 2 is the center of a high-end audio system through its preamplifier function combined with a full featured DAC. It integrates our phono amplifier, our belt drive CD transport and our amplifiers in an optimum way. Yet it is compatible to any other brand’s products”.




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