Hifi Pig is delighted to announce the latest addition to the ever growing content of the website. As part of the team’s ongoing desire to bring you the latest news and reviews we have today launched the “Behind The Brand” series of interviews.

In this series of interviews we will be looking at how the people behind the brands initially got into the industry, what their views on the current state of the hifi industry are and od course some more personal questions.

We’re sure you will agree that this is a great addition to Hifi Pig’s content and we’re equally sure it will prove hugely popular with our readers.

We kick the series off with an interview with the Managing Director of Roksan Audio Tufan Hashemi and you can read his responses to our questions here

If you are involved in the Hifi industry and are yourself interested in being included in the Behind The Brand interviews then please do get in touch with us.


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