Berkely Audio Design have announced their latest DAC, the Alpha DAC Reference Series. berkely_dac

The Alpha DAC Reference has been three years in development and uses bespoke components which the company says gives an “immediacy and presence of music reproduction that is simply real”

Weighing in at over 40lb the unit is precision machined from a solid billet of 6061 T aluminium alloy.

Berkely have paid careful attention to DSD playback and a special software package is included to provide either real time conversion of DSD 1x and DSD 2x to 176.4 kHz 24 bit PCM during playback or conversion to 176.4kHz 24 bit AIFF or WAV files. Essentially the 1-bit DSD to multi-bit conversion is done on the computer rather than in the DAC itself.

The Alpha DAC Reference supports 32hHz to 192kHz 24-bit PCM through four inputs: Balanced AES. Coxial SPDIF 1, Coaxial SPDIF 2 and Toslink optical.

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