Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

Closed Back Headphones

Build Qualitydt770pro_250

These are an all plastic cased headphone, nicely sculpted and attractive none the less. They are tough and extremely durable for DJ-ing, have a tight-ish fit and  the headband extension stays firmly on the selected notch.

There is one single cable entry on the left ear which, as I’ve mentioned before, I much prefer to a twin sided cable. Yhe cable is extremely neatly fitted around the inside of the headband and quite unobtrusive. I would have liked a detachable cable in case there is ever a break or accidental tear and also to be able to switch and try other upgrade cables but at this price and target market this is splitting hairs.

The headband itself is extremely comfortable, firm enough to keep the phones on your head but not overly tight and is very comfortable. The faux leather casing on the headband has poppers on to be able to remove and replace if necessary.

The DT770’s come fitted with Beyer’s extremely comfortable velour ear pads, they are breathable and can be worn forever. They do not make your ears sweat like the faux and real leather ones on some headphones do. Combined with the tension from the headband they offer a comfortable and a firm fit.

The cable itself is 3m long straight and has a 3.5mm jack at the end to use with portable devices and a screw on 6.35mm adapter to use with racked equipment or a dedicated headphone amp.

Sound Quality


Treble on the DT770s is nicely detailed and informative but can be a little bit tizzy at times when playing at louder volumes – at a moderate level is quite pleasing. Some people have mentioned they can be sibilant but I never noticed this, the key is using a good source and good recordings I believe.


The midrange is a little bit recessed as these are a bit more of a bass head headphone which given their target market is understandable. Mids are still clear enough and vocals are well pronounced. There is good lower mid punch.


Fun, with a leaning towards a more bass heavy presentation which is accentuated by the tight grip these have on the head. Bass information is a little more masked due to its heavy nature, yet still involving and noteworthy. There’s more punch than extension. Great if you’re a bass head into R&B or Dance music.


The top end has good dynamics. The midrange has a slightly recessed character and bass has that dynamic dt770pro_250_seitepunchyness to its presentation.


Closed back headphones by their very nature do not have the best sound staging; this is left to the open back versions in my opinion. However, they are not completely ‘in your ears’ sounding and you can appreciate the placement and areas of the performance.


In conclusion I would have to say that these headphones are a fun listen, they are bassy and playful in their sound reproduction.

The DT770s are great for heavy beats music and late night listening. Being closed they cancel out practically all sounds around you which is helped by the added tension on the headband and also allow you to listen at good volumes when someone else is in the room or bed without irritating them with to much bleed from the phones.

Even though they are slightly harder to drive I achieved very respectable listening levels just from my ipad. With the addition of a headphone amplifier they increased in loudness and sound performance somewhat.

They are extremely durable and with the ability to replace earpads and the headband will last for years.

A good headphone solution for non-obtrusive, non-critical home listening or DJ-ing.

Price for the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is  £130.

Author – Dan

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