You really can’t get more fun and funky than Kostas Metaxas’s Metaxas & Sins brand. His Marquis headphone amplifier was being used on a lot of headfi stands and he had his new speakers on show. Kostas is really putting the fun back into hifi and he has plenty of cheeky ideas planned for the future.

When you get a room full of gear designed mainly by women then you get a cool and sexy room. Manger never disappoints and always gives a cool and coordinated room which is an oasis of calm. This year Daniella Manger partnered her speakers with Ulla Scheu and her turntables, plus Mola Mola.

CAD were partnered with Boenicke again and this year The Chord Company who were making their Munich debut (no, I couldn’t believe they had never exhibited before). Again, really cool and stylish products for modern audiophiles and a great sounding room.

You could be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing fun or sexy about transformers, however, Lundahl had a very funky and colourful stand that caught my eye!

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