Goebel High End, who were partnered up with CH Precision and Kronos turntables, proved, just like Living Voice did, that extreme high end is not just for listening to the likes of Diana Krall on…..they played punk music for the audience, which was really very cool indeed.

Of course we had a Women in Hifi meet up on the Saturday, there were 18 of us this time, some of course couldn’t make it as it was a very busy show. It was great to catch up, have a chat and a beer and make some new connections with other women in the hifi industry.

So that is just a few of my highlights, my Bird’s Eye View of High End Munich 2017. It was an exceptional show full of wonderful hifi and some fantastic experiences, most of all it was great fun! There is much more coverage to follow from us as we explore the rooms and halls of this year’s High End!

Linette Smith

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