The Audio Atelier room had a great set up with the Aequo Audio, Trilogy and Lumin and the room was a breath of fresh air…flagrantly disregarding audiophile music, they were playing Michael Jackson. Paul and Ivo had arrived very early in the morning due to vehicle problems but were still bursting with energy about their Ensis speakers; We loved these at Munich and a pair will be making their way to Hifi Pig Towers, very soon, for a review.


Serbian brand Auris have been one that we have been watching since we came across them at Munich two or three years ago. They manage to make hifi that is both purposeful and audiophile but also beautiful and stylish. They have now added slim, compact but huge sounding speakers to their range of valve electronics.


Pylon and Fezz Audio shared, I think, 3 rooms with systems of varying price…we were impressed by the combinations in all of these rooms.


Core Trends had some very ear and eye-catching rooms, notably the stunning red and black room featuring YG Acoustics loudspeakers, Audionet electronics and Townsend platforms and racks.


Well known Polish brand, Lampizator had a great combination with some Rd Acoustic horn loudspeakers, again these featured Voxativ drivers and made an impression both sonically and visually.


A French and English alliance in the Triangle and Roksan room made for very entertaining listening, a great combination.


Taga Harmony had a big, lively room, this was very popular with the punters, unsurprising when you realise how much you get for your money with this brand. Deservedly starting to be known outside their native Poland.


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