Soundclub and Franc Audio Accessories had a room featuring some white, active, standmount speakers called Kii. The sound from these diminutive speakers was amazing, really filled the room. I couldn’t understand the Polish information but would definitely be interested in finding out more about these.


Back over to the Golden Tulip:

Here we encountered the second Vertere and Natural Sound room featuring those ribbon tweetered horns again. Very impressed again.


Another room with a reel 2 reel source was Grobel. I was impressed with the ambiance of the room and the sound quality which was incredible and seemed impossible from the tiny speakers they were using.


There was more headfi gear here too:


And of course there was the winner of our Hifi Pig Loves You Award, Gobel High End with CH Precision…or the ‘goosebumps room’ as we called it….more detail to follow about this one soon!


Other mentions have to go to the G Lab room, showcasing their Block amplifier, which was a really cool room with foam spiked covered furniture…this suited the perfect industrial design of the amplifier. They won the ‘Cool Award’ for me.


‘Most Crazy Award’ goes to, Poland’s biggest Hifi forum, for their DIY speakers which appeared to be dressed for the worst the Warsaw weather could throw at them!


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