Well nearly there, this is the last report from High End Munich 2014….already looking forward to next year’s show!

So, to the title of this little piece ‘Get a room!’ Now, I know that even a stand at Munich is a considerable investment, and a room gets into the realms of ‘silly money’ so this is not a dig at brands that did not have the facilities for us to hear their products, more of a bit of a wish list of some of the things I saw…but couldn’t hear this year.

We met the ever so nice Mrs Kronzilla herself, Dr Eunice Kron, on her stand with some very impressive KR Audio valve amps…I know people say that size doesn’t matter, but these were stunning. I would love to hear them, and will be on my list of Rooms to Visit for High End Munich 2015.KR 1

Regular readers of Hifi Pig will know that we reviewed Thomas Scherer’s loudspeakers after meeting him at last year’s show. We really enjoyed them and I think that it is only fair that the rest of you get to hear them soon, they have a look that divides opinion but hearing is believing.


EAM Lab make some gorgeous looking amps, and they were perhaps the most smiley people we met at the show. These are VERY proudly “Made In Italy”….in fact their provenance is even stronger than that, they are “Made In Milano” …right down to the screws. Maybe they can partner up with a sexy Italian loudspeaker company for next year and give us all a treat!


The Roksan stand was a great place to be but I think Tufan should have a room next year so you can all get to hear both his fantastic electronics and the excellent Darius standmount speakers that arrived at Hifi Pig Towers, just after we got home from the show. It would definitely be a place to visit…and Simon can run the bar!


These big wooden Corum Audio speakers caught my eye; I do like an unusual looking speaker!
I am pretty sure I heard the amps at last year’s show but would love a listen to them in combination!


It truly was a great show, met loads of new people and caught up with old friends……still managed to miss some bits because of the size of the show, so if we missed you, get in touch with Hifi Pig and let us know what you are doing and hopefully meet up in the future.

Next show will be a little more bijoux than behemoth….see you at the Cranage Hall Audio Show on 15th June!

end of show

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