Black Cat Cable is pleased to present the latest iteration of the Coppertone series: FLATWAVE™

Pure Copper Ribbon

The new conductor is a small, pure copper ribbon that Black Cat flatten in-house with a precision rolling machine. The flattened conductor is then rolled through their Airwave tooling, shaping it into a sinusoidal form so that it will remain substantially suspended in air once hand-placed within Coppertone’s thin-walled PTFE tube (thereby helping to keep capacitance low and velocity high). Black Cat’s Lovecraft MINI RCAs terminate the interconnect, and their XOX direct-plated are copper bananas terminate to the speaker cable.

“I personally love the increased transparency, silky-smooth vocals, and pure eargasmic loveliness of the Flatwave,” shared Chris Sommovigo, Black Cat Cable’s chief cook and bottle-washer. “It really brings out the shimmering beauty in the music, to my ears.”

All Black Cat Cable products are made on their own machines, and with special tooling in their small workshop in Alpharetta, GA by Chris Sommovigo, personally.


Price remains the same despite the upgrade. Interconnects (RCA only): $249.00 1.0m pair (+$50 per additional 1/2m pair). Speaker Cables: $399.00 per 2.5m pair (+/- $50 per 1/2m pair)

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