roksponsmallThe design of the Tempest and Breeze is based on the Twist, Twirl and Samba speaker cables but include many additional design features.

The special design features of Tempest and Breeze include:

8 x 55g Vibration Stabilisers

Silicone rubber insulation for low dielectric absorption

Thick wall insulation for lower ‘Proximity Effect’ magnetic distortion

Conductors wired in opposing direction for lower noise floor

Twisted conductors for low RFI . with additional RFI suppression

High quality rhodium plated connectors

Hand built at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby

Mechanical Vibration Suppression Materials used in Construction

Rhodium Plated RCA plugs with hourglass silhouette for ease of attachment to equipment.


Tempest and Breeze are treated with Black Rhodium’s DCT++cryogenic processing treatment. This involves temperature processing above and below room temperature. Black Rhodium say ‘The DCT++ process alters the molecular structure of the cable to improve uniformity. The benefits of this are everlasting and bring an improvement to every single aspect of the cables performance’. In addition to the DCT++ process, the cables are also treated with the Crystal Sound Process. Black Rhodium claim that ‘he Crystal Sound process, which is applied to the cable following the completed DCT++ process, refocuses the outermost skin of the conductor. The result is that the surface of the conductor is more closely packed and regular, and has a continuity which aids conduction through removal of voids left by the drawing process. The main benefits of the Crystal Sound process are that bass notes sound more powerful and refined (you will notice a smaller cable can give the same performance as a much larger cable) and other notes will have greater clarity in their sound.’

Specification of Black Rhodium Breeze Loudspeaker Cable

  • Outer diameter of cores 6mm
  • 19 x 0.3mm diameter silver plated copper cores
  • Silicone rubber insulation thickness: 1.2mm
  • Capacitance for 3m length: 90pF

Specification of Black Rhodium Tempest Loudspeaker Cable

  • Outer diameter of cores 8mm
  • 19 x 0.45mm diameter silver plated copper cores
  • Silicone rubber insulation thickness: 2.4mm
  • Capacitance for 3m length: 100pF


3m pair Breeze Loudspeaker Cable   £1500.00

5m pair Breeze Loudspeaker Cable   £1900.00

3m pair Tempest Loudspeaker Cable £2400.00

5m pair Tempest Loudspeaker Cable £3200.00

Other lengths can be supplied to order with prices pro rata.


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