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Black Rhodium has designed the Flamenco loudspeaker cable from scratch with the aim of minimising all types of distortion that can influence the sound quality of a loudspeaker cable.


After designing the Charleston loudspeaker cable, British brand Black Rhodium was interested to see if the sound quality of Charleston could be further improved using the experience and knowledge gained in developing interconnects and power cables that followed Charleston.

To build Flamenco, Black Rhodium started with conductors three times the cross-section of Charleston and applied more than twice the amount of screening against radio frequency interference and magnetic fields.

Black Rhodium Flamenco Loudspeaker Cable

Black Rhodium Flamenco Loudspeaker Cable


Black Rhodium Flamenco Loudspeaker cables are terminated with Black Rhodium locking rhodium plated plugs. Rhodium plating is applied to the Black Rhodium locking plugs to ensure a cleaner and less corroded contact is maintained between the plug and socket. Additional security of the connection between the plug and terminal is achieved by turning the screw cover to the plug. This creates a very strong connection that is not easily removed by force. Flamenco can also be supplied rhodium plated spades to customers’ requests.

Black Rhodium Flamenco Loudspeaker Cable

Rhodium plated locking plugs


Deep Cryogenically Treated Silver-Plated copper stranded conductors

Braided screen and vibration damped along its whole length ​

Rhodium-plated 4mm locking plugs

Rhodium-plated spade termination available on request

Cable assembled by hand in England

Weight of 2m terminated pair 5.4 KG

Weight of 3m terminated pair 8KG


3m pair terminated with rhodium-plated locking plugs £12,000

3m pair terminated with rhodium-plated spades to rhodium-plated locking plugs £12,000

3m pair terminated with rhodium-plated spades £12,000

Flamenco can be made in lengths from 2m to 6m pairs to customers’ order and prices will be supplied on request.

HiFi Pig Says: Not cheap cables by any means but Black Rhodium have ranges that cover most price points and filter down their R&D throughout the ranges.


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