British audio cable manufacturer, Black Rhodium has announced the launch of its latest stereo interconnect named Tempo. Black_rhodium_tempo_interconnect

The design of Tempo is based very closely on the company’s Coda interconnect cable with two differences: The Silicone rubber type GPC insulation of the 19 individual 16-gauge silver plated copper conductors has been increased from a thickness of 0.6mm to 1.2mm to “reduce Transient Phase Distortion” and the cables are now encased in a violet coloured expandable braid.

TEMPO cables are twisted together, “thus preventing the cable acting as a “loop aerial” for airborne radio frequency interference which can cause audible distortion to the sound quality” and Eichmann Bullet RCA phono plugs are fitted.

Price is £200 for a 0.5m pair and £225 for a 1m pair.


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