Blue Horizon has launched a Professional Rack System (PRS), this unique modular rack system uses an uncompromising selection of materials; multi-grain-direction and a bespoke triple layer bamboo laminate, with grain running in opposing directions, with the central lamination running vertically this creates a chaotic structure that stops standing waves within the shelf and controls resonance granting any audio equipment the best platform for performance.

The Blue Horizon PRS can be configured to accommodate any shape or size system. What’s more, you can upgrade performance at any time by adding component shelves and spike isolation between tiers as well as Sanctum isolation platform.

The PRS delivers three levels of performance that can be configured as part of a system upgrade or applied in any way you would need:

Good: Bespoke triple layer mixed grain direction bamboo shelves break up standing waves, with solid machined stainless steel uprights which act as shock spots for draining resonance without adding sonic signatures.

Better: Performance can be further upgraded by adding Sanctum, a special isolating platform. If you already own a rack, you can simply add the Sanctum isolation shelves under individual audio electronics to dramatically increase their performance. Sanctum shelves help your system deal with michrophony and resonance frequencies within equipment.

Best: Introduce spiked isolation between each tier for further isolation performance, ideal for critical source components, for example Turntables and CD players.

Easy and flexible to build, the PRS is not just and audio equipment rack, but a fully customisable audio grade furniture system. Blue Horizon PRS is available in single and double shelves; the PRS allows you to combine any size/number of shelves and with flexible height spacing configured to accommodate all combinations of audio electronics that enable you to create a unique piece of furniture that integrates into your interior.

Key Features:

– Unique triple layer mixed grain direction bamboo breaks up shelf standing waves; solid machined stainless steel acts as shock spot for draining resonance without adding sonic signature

– Solid stainless steel parts give you the flexibility in height spacing to accommodate all sizes of audio electronics. Three shelf rod lengths available

– The sophisticated design allows you to create a unique rack that fits your style and space·

– Sanctum isolation platforms fit neatly under all audio components, protect the rack finish as well as improving component perfourmance

– Elegant cable management system keeps loose wire under control and allows signal and power cable to be kept separated

– Easy to assemble, adjust and tighten, no special tool required

– Available in single and double shelf; Single: 550x450x3mm, double 600x450x30mm (WxDxH)

RRP from £1925.00 and is available in three finish options – bamboo, piano black and piano white.


Everything vibrates, for the audiophile, this is a serious challenge, since vibration affects the delicate audio signals in virtually every hi-fi component. Vibrations move through the floor, the furniture and the air to enter audio equipment via the feet and chassis. And of course, the equipment itself generates further vibrations.

The Sanctum Isolation platform is designed and constructed using a high-density fibreboard (HDF), favoured for its mechanical stability and does not expand or contract with climatic changes, four recesses feature a sophisticated isolation foot made from a dense, chaotic compound of cork, rubber and leather, whose chaotic construction and ‘viscous-elastic’ polymer break up resonance frequencies across a large frequency range.  The Sanctum comes with 5mm spike protection feet, which provides further resonance control by introducing additional solid brass material boundary, in contrast to the aluminium spikes.

Whether you already own a rack and want to improve audio performance, or adding to your PRS or existing rack, the Sanctum will raise audio quality on its own right. Priced at £199.00 and is available in both matt black and matt white finish.

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