Fidelity Art, the Yorkshire based hi-fi retailer has recently announced that they will be carrying the Bodnar Audio range of loudspeakers.

Designed around a full-range driver, Sandglass speakers are said to combine “breath-taking dynamic range, enormous three-dimensional soundstage, natural timbre and deep bass extension to deliver an exceptional sense of authenticity.”

Sandglass speaker systems use a cabinet design that is designed to strengthen and improve wave dispersion while boosting bass response, whilst the single speaker with no crossover reproduces the full sound spectrum.

The speakers are available in two versions, with either a 7-inch (17 cm) or an 8 inch (20 cm) Sonido driver. Both versions are the same height but the 7-inch version features a narrower cabinet that is better suited for smaller listening rooms. A wide range of finish options are available, including piano finish and custom leather front panel in a range of colours to match any interior.

Prices range from £3,299 to £3,499 for the standard finish and from £4,890 to £4,990 for the piano finish.


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