Boenicke will be at this year’s Swiss High-End that takes place in Zurich this weekend.

As well as their diminutive W5 loudspeakers they will also be showing their prototype integrated amp, all their cabling and power distribution / conditioning and rack.

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  • MBL and their Swiss distributor ‘sfers‘ will be showcasing MBLs Noble Line electronics: N51 integrated amp, N21 stereo power amp and N31 CD-DAC and 116 F Radialstrahler loudspeaker at this year's Swiss High End. We are located on the 3 rd. floor in the Convention Center, 347.

  • At High End Swiss Swissonor, who we have had the pleasure of meeting several times, will demonstrate their state of the art level on their classic setup, with many evolutions. Setup: Full Swissonor upgrade TD124 with new full metal main bearing and new series 2 TA10 tonearm, new AM6XX1 integrated amplifier with PX25 SE, new B.A.C.H.12d speakers. We furthermore will…

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