GmbH is based in Nuremberg, Germany. They are a group of friends, from several countries, all true audiophiles. We first met them at High End Munich last year and were very impressed with the bold design of their products.

Driven by their common passion for audio and for quality, they decided to design and manufacture what they imagined the ultimate audio preamplifiers, players, recorders and amplifiers should be. Their goal is to preserve the feeling and the quality of old analogue gear, but at the same time in line with the best of modern technology. dune preamplifier

Roon Ready

With that in mind, the team has just announced that their dune and warp preamps are the first of the product line up to be Roon Ready. One year subscription to Roon is included.

dune & warp

These dual-mono, fully balanced preamplifiers with 256 steps R2R pure analogue volume controls, are actually more than what meets the eye. They are also UPnP media players, with native DSD compatibility, streamers, complex recorders with USB DAC functionality (driven by a twin mono Sabre ES9038PRO setup) and optional high performance phono stages. The solid unibody is manufactured from aluminium blocks. warp preamplifier

Qobuz And Tidal

With every pre-order of dune or warp will include a complimentary one year Roon subscription and one year subscription to either Qobuz (Studio Premier) or Tidal (HiFi).


dune recommended retail price is 16.000€ including VAT and warp is 16.500€ including VAT

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