BØRRESEN Z5 loudspeakers are the new the top-of-the-line model in the Danish brand’s Z-series. The Z-series of loudspeakers also includes the Z1 compact speakers, and the Z2 and Z3 floor standing models.

The BØRRESEN Z5 is a large 2½ way floor standing loudspeaker equipped with a Ribbon Planar Tweeter, 2 bass/midrange and 4 bass drivers.

BØRRESEN Z5 Speakers


The principle that guided the development of the Z-series loudspeakers was to provide an uncompromising high-end audio performance at an affordable price. The technology behind the Z-series consists of electronic components that are either adopted from the 0 -series, completely redesigned or are innovative spin-offs resulting from BØRRESEN Acoustics’ extensive audio research activities.

The magnet system in the Z-series is a brand new construction. From the invention of the patented iron-free driver system in the 0-series, BØRRESEN Acoustics came to realize that it is possible to reduce induction to 0.04 mH, which is approx. 10 times lower than that of many driver systems. The challenge for manufacturing the new Z-series was now to design a new, but less costly driver system with significantly reduced induction. As a result, BØRRESEN Acoustics developed a driver with an induction of only 0.06 mH. By linearizing the magnetic field, the driver is less affected by the actual movement. This makes it also much easier for an amplifier to control the driver.

BØRRESEN Z5 Speakers footer detail

A spin off from the development of the 0-series is the design and layout of the Z2 and Z3 models. These models are equipped with the large 8” inch bass drivers placed closer to the floor.

Ribbon Tweeter

BØRRESEN Acoustics has also incorporated some of the exclusive components from the 0-series into the Z-series:

The ribbon tweeter is a distinctive and defining high-end component in all BØRRESEN speakers. The same applies to the driver membrane used for the bass and midrange drivers with a low weight of 5.5 grams. The crossover is also configured with exclusive components from the 0-series with the intent to reduce its own resonance.

BØRRESEN Z5 Speakers detail


Frequency response: 25Hz-50KHz

Sensitivity: 90 dB/1W

Impedance: >4 ohms

Recommended Amplifier: >50W

H: 15,0 x W: 23,0 x D: 70,0 cm

Weight: 75,0 kg


40,000€ per pair

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