Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum II range will receive its global public premiere at Sound &Vision, The Bristol Show. The show’s audience will be the first to appreciate the craftsmanship and sound quality of Monitor Audio’s “most audiophile speaker line to date”.MA PL500 drama

The new seven model range, which includes the luxury PL500II tower (pictured), is said to be the result of rigorous new analysis and breakthrough innovation by the engineering team. For the first time in a Monitor Audio speaker, Platinum II deploys a new MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer, supported by next-generation RDT ®II bass and mid drivers, improved crossover design and bespoke speaker terminal designs.

The star of the invitation only demonstrations to be held at room 1008 will be the PL500II. Conceived for ultra-wideband reproduction with vanishing distortion, this majestic 3-way, 7 driver system is the most advanced speaker design in the brand’s forty-five year history. Priced at £15,000 pair, the PL500 II uses four 8” RDTII long-throw bass drivers and twin 4” RDTII mid-range drivers in a M-T-M array with a MPD high frequency transducer.

Hifi Pig will of course be attending Bristol and will report on the new Monitor Audio Platinum II range but you can get your ticket to this invitation only event by visiting Monitor Audio in room 208.


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