Bryston has announced today the introduction of the Model T Cinema reference home theatre in-wall loudspeaker. By leveraging key design cues from the flagship Model T floor-standing loudspeaker, Bryston has developed what they are saying is a “highly capable architectural speaker system for dedicated home theatre rooms”.MT-Inwall 1

In order to achieve the desired performance goals from an in-wall speaker system, Bryston employed seven drivers in a three-way configuration capable of up to 120dB of output without dynamic compression. Bryston has placed the drivers on a robust baffle slightly forward of the wall’s surface, enabling the Model T Cinema to deliver a “more realistic soundstage, precise imaging and superb dynamic capabilities”.

“The Model T Cinema is a sealed design featuring an inert 1 ½-inch thick front baffle and solid ¾-inch back-boxes to ensure superb midrange and high-frequency detail along with unwavering control in the bass region while minimizing transmission of sound into other rooms,” explained Bryston’s James Tanner. “Our engineering team is working on compatible products such as an in-wall Cinema center, surrounds and subwoofers, providing theater designers and professional integrators with a complete in-wall system only available through authorized Bryston dealers,” said Tanner. All Bryston Cinema loudspeakers are covered by the company’s 20-year warranty.


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