Voxativ, of Berlin, has launched their new AC–1a full-range driver, and you can build your own speakers to fit them.

The newest entry-level Voxativ 8-inch full-range driver is equipped with a specific array of neodymium pill magnets to enhance bass response.

Build your own Voxativ New Acousta loudspeakers

Voxativ New Acousta

Each pair is delivered with the build plans for the “New Acousta” back-loaded horn inspired by the original prototype loudspeakers built by Inés Adler that culminated in the birth of Voxativ.

This model can also be used in a Hagen Monitor or Tower configuration with or without Absolut system configuration.

Voxativ AC-1a Full Range Driver

Technical Details

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000 Hz

Efficiency: 91 dB (60Hz) / 94dB (3 kHz) 1W / 1m*

Capacity: 50 W nom / 100 W mus

Impedance: 10,3 Ohm

Qts: 0,46

Depth: 3,2“ / 8,1 cm

Diameter: 7,5“ / 19 cm

Weight: 2,4 kg / 6,0 lbs


$1,799 (USD) for one selected pair and includes a digital download of build plans for the New Acousta.

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