Burson Audio, manufacturer of fine USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifiers, Headphone Amplifiers and Stereo Amplifiers, and its subsidiary Supreme Sound Audio Components, will be running a demo day in the USA, showcasing both lines. There will be brunch and drinks and everyone will get a gift. Sales Manager Martha Manea and US Service Centre Engineer Mike Mona will present products including Burson’s Conductor Virtuoso DAC Headphone Amp/Preamp and the powerhouse Timekeeper Virtuoso Stereo Amp. SSA will demo the Lycan Op-Amp Test Bench/Headphone Amp/Preamp, stethoscope into the heart of your system. All demos will be on Audeze headphones.  Burson say ‘We’re so confident you’ll love the sound of Burson and SSA products that we encourage you to bring along your own headphones, headphone amplifiers and even players for what we know will be revealing comparisons.’


Demo Day takes place at JMP Electronics, the Burson Audio Distribution Centre.  14741-B Franklin Ave, Tustin, CA 92782
Friday September 18th 2015,10:30am to 4pm, please email Martha at usa.sales@bursonaudio.com if you’re coming.


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