roksponsmallBurson got in touch with us to tell us about their new product, the Cable+. “There are two bottlenecks preventing your smartphone, tablet and laptop from sounding hi-end. They are the low voltage output of these devices and the 1940 era audio cable connecting them to the audio amplifier. We have created a new type of audio cable for today’s audio world. Our Cable+ removed both bottlenecks and ensures perfect synergy between your playback device and amplifier.”


The Cable+ will come in 3 versions.

3.5mm input / stereo RCA output (perfect for connection between smartphone, tablet, laptop and the stereo amplifier)

Stereo RCA input / stereo RCA output (perfect for connection between sound-card, CD player, DAC and the stereo amplifier)

3.5mm input / 3.5mm output (perfect for car audio. connect between smartphone, tablet and the car amplifier)

The Cable+ will begin shipping in early November and its retailing value is 149USD inclusive of postage.  You can pre-order it tat 99USD inclusive of postage from Burson.

The IndiGoGo campaign for the Cable+ has also started and Burson are offering contributors a 33% off the retail value for the Cable. (ie. 99USD) Burson are again teaming with Audeze to offer combo deals too.


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