Burson have released their new additions to the Performance Series, Conductor 3 and 3X Performance desktop headphone/pre amps and DACs.

The new Conductor 3 and 3X Performance feature an advanced DSD512 ESS9038/XMos USB DAC, Class-A discrete amplifier and 24/96khz BlueTooth.

Burson Conductor 3X Performance

The Conductor 3X Performance is a balanced USB DAC, Headphone Amp and Preamp with 6.5Wpc XLR / 3.5Wpc SE. Retail price 1399USD.




Burson Conductor 3 Performance

The Conductor 3 Performance is a single-ended USB DAC, Headphone Amp, and Preamp with 4Wpc SE. Retail price 1099USD.

Both feature the new Burson aluminium ‘Cool Case’ and are available mid April.

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