Burson have released PLAY, a versatile little pre amp/DAC/Headphone amp.

It’s a high power headphone amplifier with over 2W per channel into 16ohm but also its a reference class DAC feature the ESS9018 DAC chip and Xmos USB receiver.  Capable of playing back DSD256, DXD, 32bit / 384khz audio files. PLAY can also be used as a pure Class-A remote controlled preamp. 

For gamers it also fits into any gaming PC, in which case, it draws power from the internal power supply of the PC. With a high-fidelity mic input,  it’s a USB soundcard for any gaming PC. Finaly, it’s an opamp rolling platform, rolling up to 5 opamps to tune its sound to your taste.

Starting from 299USD inc. shipping.

Shipping from the 15th of October, 2017




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