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CA-Electronics whose ceramic feet and loudspeakers we reviewed sometime ago have announced that they have logo-staand-rgb-400appointed Dutch based Audio Distribution Europe as their distributors.

Rogier van Hoof, owner of CA-Electronics, sees a change in the way audio products are distributed “There is a need for coordinated European distribution/price strategy and a more direct contact to the whole chain of national distributor, dealer and the end-user.  Distributors will remain to be of  high importance, but to add value in a shrinking world they must rethink their role: Delivering up-to-date market information and keeping an active contact with dealers and potential buyers in the buyer´s own language”

ADE will manage the commercial,logistical and service side of the business, allowing CA-Electronics to focus on product development and production.

This partnership with ADE not only allows CA-Electronics to increase the market share of their ceramic audio accessories (cones, feet, pucks etc), high end connectors, damping plates and loudspeakers, but also opens up the door to the lifestyle market where products like the CAE headphone stand and designer tablet stand fit in.

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