Cabasse is launching the compact Surf loudspeakers for use with its Stream AMP, creating a complete audio system.

The 29cm high Surf is designed for a full and dynamic performance in rooms up to 25 m2 (270sq ft), with a soundstage that is said to be “incredibly stable and filled with realism”. When partnered with the DSP adaptive capabilities of the Cabasse Stream AMP, this bookshelf speaker can reproduce low frequencies down to 65Hz to an upper limit of 23kHz.SURF BLACK PAIR

The DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustic Performance) DSP capability of Stream AMP allows the user to specify which Cabasse speakers are being used when setting up Stream AMP with the Cabasse Stream CONTROL app. Inputting the the model and telling the system whether they are placed in corners, against the wall or in free space the DSP, developed from the system employed in the company’s flagship products, ensures the sound remains consistent and optimal.

The tweeter diaphragm utilised in Surf was created by Cabasse for the latest version of the 3-way co-axial TC23, which is fitted to the flagship La Sphère (one of the world’s best speakers we think here at Hifi Pig) and L’Océan.SURF WHITE FRONT VIEW WG

The 13cm (5 in) driver unit contains a high excursion woofer, which is specifically designed by Cabasse for maximum mechanical rigidity and low frequency use. The voice coil, mounted on Kapton, is perfectly ventilated and has high power handling and excellent acceleration capabilities, producing a tight, fast and dynamic bass.

The measuring protocols used during development of the product in the Cabasse anechoic chamber take into account listening on axis and through 360° for perfect control of the directivity and global power output in keeping with the Cabasse HDSE principle (Homogeneous Distribution of the Sonic Energy).

Christophe Cabasse, marketing and sales director says, “The Surf speaker brings a whole range of benefits to the users, because for such a compact speaker it is capable of producing a similar sound quality to that heard on much larger products.” Christophe continues, “The generous frequency range from this bookshelf speaker and the DSP capability of the Stream AMP allows the purest possible sound when streaming from the network or internet. And of course Surf is also the perfect compact bookshelf speaker for use with a traditional hi-fi system with simply astonishing reproduction for the size of cabinet.”

Available in glossy black or white, the Surf speaker is sure to fit in any environment at a price of £379.


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