Cabasse is introducing the MT32 range of loudspeakers which they say will bring “high-end technologies and contemporary finishes to its entry JERSEY MT32 WALNUT pair2level products, providing the benefits of its 64 years experience to all customers, regardless of budget”.

Four models have been developed, for use in two-channel or multi-channel systems: the Jersey floorstander, Antigua stand-mount model, Socoa centre channel and a complementary active subwoofer, the Orion.

The cornerstone of the MT32, or midrange-tweeter, range is the DOM37 tweeter. It is fitted with a one-piece diaphragm/surround unit of only 0.1g, which was originally developed for the TC23 three-way coaxial driver used in Cabasse’s flagship La Sphere and L’Ocean models.

Cabasse is best known for its co-axial drivers and the Spacial Coherent System (SCS) approach to speaker design. “The combination of the DOM37 mid-tweeter and complementary woofers creates a homogeneous sound dispersion, very close to that of the Cabasse co-axial solutions”, says the company’s press release.

The Jersey speaker features a vertical port which is downward firing with a 360° dispersion pattern. This approach enables the port noise to be filtered and the standing waves within the cabinet are damped.

During the creation of L’Ocean, effort was put into the analysis of the speaker’s behavior in various rooms and the specifying of objective criteria for sound coherency at the listening positions. This theoretical and practical research enabled the development of finely adjusted HDSE (homogenous distribution of sonic energy) crossovers for MT32, which “guarantee conformity to the Cabasse SCS principles”.

Bringing the aesthetics up to date, in addition to the new plinth attached to the Jersey, Cabasse has introduced two new finishes for the MT32 range – Walnut and ebony

Launching the products, Christophe Cabasse comments, “The new MT 32 range is perfectly faithful to the Cabasse principles of coherency between direct and reflected sounds, respect of timbre and dynamic range, deep and stable soundstage, musicality and live-sound. Be it the radio, internet, high definition networked audio files or multichannel tracks on the home cinema, all formats have been taken into account, in order to offer, each and every time, musicality, precision and realism.” He concludes, “Whatever the preferred source today and in the future, MT32 speakers will bring out the best in it.’


Jersey MT32 (floorstanding):              £798 per pair

Antigua MT32 (stand mount):             £458 per pair

Socoa MT32 (centre channel):           £299 per unit

Orion MT32 (active subwoofer):         £549 per unit

Available in shops during October.


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