roksponsmallCabasse distributor, Connected Distribution, will use The Indulgence Show to unveil the latest version of the Cabasse flagship loudspeakers, the £125,000 La Sphère.

Working with the renowned French designer and architect, Sylvain Dubuisson, Cabasse has produced what they call ‘an aesthetic masterpiece, which is both beautifully simple and technically perfect for the reproduction of the full audible frequency range’. The 70cm spherical enclosure, manufactured from a sandwich of composite materials originally designed for the European space programme, is coupled to the helical die-cast aluminium stand, which positions the centre of the speaker at the perfect height for listening.  Standing 1.4m tall, La Sphère is the ultimate expression of Cabasse’s SCS (spatially coherent system) technology and is the culmination of many years research into the importance of point source reproduction from loudspeaker drive units. Updated with a new three-way TCA (Tri Coaxial Aramide) drive unit and a 55cm (22”) woofer, which are co-axially mounted and digitally controlled, Cabasse claim it is ‘the world’s only true point-source four-way speaker, with one acoustic centre, absolute linear phase, optimum impulse response and perfect spatial coherency’.


La Sphère is supplied with digital signal processing electronics that handle high-resolution music signals, actively control the crossover points and the time alignment of the four acoustic centres. 4,800 watts of digital amplifiers complete the package. Standard finishes are pearl and black pearl, but any finish can be supplied at a premium price (e.g. to match the Lamborghini parked in the garage). Delivery of La Sphère is accompanied by a Cabasse acoustician, who carefully adapts the response of the digital parametric filters to suit the user’s room.

See and hear La Sphère in the Epernay Room, Champagne Suite, demonstrated by Christophe Cabasse. The Indulgence Show, Novotel London West, 14-16 October.


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