It’s just a couple of days until CAS 2019 kicks off. This will be the ninth edition of the California Audio Show, which takes place over the weekend, from this Friday, 26th of July. The show is held at the Hilton Oakland Airport, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read on for more info including exhibitors and seminars.

Lyn Stanley

Female Jazz Vocalist of 2018, Lyn Stanley, will be in Boardroom 4 with Margules Audio, ‘In Conversation’ and there will also be a live demo, on Saturday and Sunday, of her new ‘London with a twist’ album, SACD versus direct to disc LP.

Zesto Audio

American brand Zesto Audio, whose room we loved at High End Munich 2019, will be in room 5203.

Carolyn and George Counnas say they will be spinning lots of vinyl, using a system featuring their Leto 1.5 Preamp, EROS Monoblocks, Allasso Step Up Transformer and their newest product, the Andros Deluxe Phonostage. The Zesto system will also feature Cardas Audio, Merrill Williams, Joseph Audio, Tri Planar and Still Points.


In room 5231, Berlin based Voxativ will be showing their Hagan Absolut $7,900 system.


There are various seminars running during the show, in the Forum room, including:

Art Noxon, Acoustic Sciences Corp.

Subject:  High Performance Listening Room

Julian Margules, Margules Audio

How the ear hears and how the tonal frequencies and harmonics produced by electronic sound equipment must take that physiology into consideration to reproduce more natural sound.

Michael Trei, Turntable Specialist

Analogue Setup Seminar.

Dr. Roger West of Sound Lab

Q&A Seminar.

Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note UK

Q&A Seminar.

Full List Of Exhibitors

Aaudio Imports – Boardroom 1

Acapella Audio Arts – Boardroom 5

Acoustic Sciences Corp. – Empire Room

AMR – Room 5106

Anticables – Room 5222

Antipodes – Room 5205

Atlas Cables – Boardroom 4

Audio Federation – Boardroom 5

Audio Nerd – Empire Room

Audio Note UK – Boardroom 5, Room 5226

Audio Reference Technology (A.R.T.) – Room 5201

Audio Vision San Francisco – Room 5205

Aurender – Boardroom 1, 2, Room 5109

Benchmark Media Systems – Room 5108

Bernhagen-Porter – Room 5218

Berkeley Audio Design – Boardroom 3

Bricasti Design – Room 5103, 5201, 5218

Cardas – Room 5203

Constellation Audio – Boardroom 2

Doshi – Boardroom 3

Enmusic Inc – Empire Room

Equi=Tech – Room 5101

Exogal – Room 5222, 5224

Focal – Room 5205

HB Cable Design – Boardroom 1

HRS Isolation Systems – Boardroom 5, Room 5205

iFi – Room 5106

Jena Labs – Room 5101

Kirmuss Audio – Empire Room

Luna – Room 5220

Magenta – Boardroom 4

Marchand Electronics – Room 5218

Margules Audio – Boardroom 4

Marigo Audio Lab – Room 5101

MartinLogan – Boardroom 3

McGary Audio – Room 5222

Merrill-Williams Audio – Room 5203

Musica Pristina – Room 5108

Naim – Room 5205

Nordost – Room 5205

Old Forge Audio – Room 5220

Pure Audio – Room 5220

PureAudioProject – Room 5101

Quadraspire – Room 5205

Qobuz – Room 5224

Reference Recordings – Empire Room

Rega – Room 5205

Roon Labs – Room 5201

Ryan Speakers – Room 5224

Salk Sound – Room 5222

Selah Audio – Room 5108

Shunyata Research – Boardroom 2

Sonos – Room 5101

Sound Kaos – Room 5220

Sound Lab – Room 5201

Stage III – Boardroom 1

The Tape Project – Boardroom 3

The Voice That Is – Room 5103

Tidal speakers – Room 5103

Timothy Marutani Consulting – Boardroom 3

Tri-Planar – Room 5220

True Sound – Room 5226

Ultimate Audio – Room 5201

Unisinger – Room 5106

Voxativ – Room 5231

Wand – Room 5220

Whammerdyne – Room 5101

Wilson Benesch – Boardroom 1

Wyred 4 Sound – Room 5105

WyWires – Room 5224

Ypsilon – Boardroom 1

Zesto Audio – Room 5203

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Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Updated
Metaxas And Sins T-RX Analogue Tape Machine Video

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