Cambridge Audio have announced two new phono stages, the Solo and the Duo.

The Solo and Duo both use switch mode power supplies and surface mount technology to allow a compact overall design with short signal paths on the board inside.

Both phono stages automatically switch to standby if unused for twenty minutes; with a standby energy consumption of less than half a watt.

The Solo is a dedicated moving magnet phono stage, whilst the Duo will work with any turntable thanks to incorporating both moving magnet and moving coil input stages.

The Duo combines the phono stage with a dedicated headphone amplifier and volume control, allowing consumers the opportunity to enjoy their turntable without the need to switch on their main amplifier.

Both phono stages feature a rear mounted balance control to trim channel level imbalances in cartridges. Solo has a simple fascia with just an LED indicator while Duo adds a full size 6.3mm headphone jack and volume control.

Solo: £149.99  Duo : £249.99

Max Power Consumption


Cartridge Support


Moving MagnetMoving Magnet/Moving Coil
              Gain @ 1kHz39dB39dB60dB
         Nominal Output300mV300mV300mV
               Sensitivity for  Nominal Output3.35mV3.35mV3.05uV

Equivalent Input Noise


RIAA Curve Accuracy


+/- 0.65dB 30Hz-20kHz+/- 0.3dB 30Hz-50kHz
       Signal to Noise Ratio

Grounded Inputs ref. 1V  output (20Hz-20kHz BW)







              THD+N 1kHz

(20-20kHz BW)

          Input Impedance47k Ω47k  Ω100  Ω

Input Capacitance


Overload Margin


Crosstalk @10kHz





48mm x176mm x132mm


48mm x215mm x159mm




0.68kg (1.5lbs)0.95kg (2.1lbs)


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