Going to CanJam London this weekend? UK distributor SCV has lots of new products to show you in Plaza Suite 9.

CanJam London see’s the first UK showing of the Meze’s latest flagship headphones, the EMPYREAN.  Located within Meze’s dedicated listening rooms at CanJam, EMPYREAN is the world’s first iysodynamic hybrid array headphone and features new planer magnetic dual shaped voice coil array technology developed exclusively by Rinaro.  Not available until later this year, CanJam will be an exclusive opportunity to hear these flagship headphones. Also on show will be the company’s latest in-ear monitor, RAI, which features IEM/Penta hybrid technology.

Benchmark will be showing its latest headphone amplifier/DAC – the HPA4. Questyle will be showing its full line of portable music players, along with its range of headphone amplifiers/DAC’s.New to the SCV stable, Novafidelity will be displaying and demonstrating its latest range of media servers. Along with the range-topping Utopia’s, Focal will also have its Elear and Clear headphones available for demonstration.

Hifi Pig will be there to bring you all the coverage of the show!


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