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Canor, the  Slovakian high-end valve audio experts, have launched their first ever precision valve Canor CD1.10CD player / DAC: the CD1.10, featuring Canor’s patented premium CMT milling technology.

2014 looks set to be the year that high-resolution audio really takes off say the company, having featured strongly at both the CES and Bristol shows. Just unveiled at Bristol, the new Canor CD1.10 combines the “ultimate valve CD player and high resolution 24-bit/192kHz DAC in one box, designed for audiophiles seeking superior-grade sound from their digital music collection” they continued.

The CD1.10 uses a pure valve output stage feeding both XLR and RCA analogue outputs. The integrated CD drive features an advanced disengagement bearing driving mechanism for decoupling to minimize jitter.

The CD1.10 also acts as a standalone DAC for high resolution PCM and DSD music files. Two separate Burr Brown PCM 1792 24-bit/192kHz DACs are used, one for each channel. Switchable digital filtering allows further fine-tuning of the sound. External digital sources can be connected by optical, coaxial or USB 2.0 interfaces.   

Internally, the CD 1.10’s circuit boards features Canor’s patented PCB Milling Technology (CMT™), developed to improve sonic performance. Canor commenting on this Technology claim “The precision removal of specific areas of the circuit board enables the achievement of a very low level of dielectric loss throughout the circuit. In fact, the level achieved is comparable to that of a wire-to-wire connected circuit using expensive cables with air or PTFE dielectric. A wire-to-wire circuit, however, could not achieve the accuracy and consistency of component positioning which is also critical in achieving the maximum performance.  Canor’s CMT™ therefore delivers ‘the best of both worlds’”

Canor CD1.10 key features at a glance:

  • Valve-based high end CD-player and DAC


  • Twin 24-bit/192kHz PCM 1792 Burr Brown DACs


  • DSD via USB (2.8 & 5.6Mhz)


  • Analogue outputs: XLR and RCA


  • Digital inputs: USB, RCA coax, Toslink optical


  • Asynchronous USB using XMOS technology


  • Switchable digital filtering


  • Circuit boards feature patented CMT™ (Canor Milling Technology), in which areas of the circuit board are precisely removed to give the circuit similar electrical characteristics to one direct-wired with air or PTFE dielectric cables


  • Power supply features valve rectification for improved sonic performance


  • Large high contrast dot-matrix display


  • Metal-bodied infra-red remote control.

Price is £3295


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