The Cary Audio CAD-805 vacuum tube monoblock power amplifier has been in continuous production since 1993. The CAD-805 has experienced several generational updates in its long, history. To CARY on the tradition (pun intended), Cary are introducing the latest generation of the CAD-805, the CAD-805 Reference Series (RS).

Using just one tube to handle the entire musical signal typically does not allow for more than a few watts of output power, but the CAD-805RS, with its massive power supply, is able to produce over 50 watts. The new CAD-805RS includes a bias meter on the front panel to help you maintain your amplifier at peak operating levels. It also offers both RCA and XLR input connectors to allow use of either style interconnect. Also included are several new cosmetic upgrades. Internally, there are several changes to the circuit that significantly increase performance over the previous CAD-805AE.

Cary Audio always hand builds its valve products and carefully matches the valves. In the case of the CAD-805RS monoblocks, this even extends to including two very different types of output valves as standard. These two tubes have a quite different sonic character from each other, and by giving you both you can fine tune your system to best match your musical taste, your speakers, and your room’s acoustic signature. The CAD-805RS is currently shipping and has a retail price of $15,995 per pair.



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