Cary Audio has introduced the new DMS-700 Network Audio Player, their goal was “to make the absolutely best sounding network audio streamer on the planet, far exceeding its price point and beyond, period”…which is a very high goal to aim for indeed.

Their previous DMS-600 utilized AK4497EQ DAC chips. These chips are Delta-Sigma architecture, as are all the AKM chips used in Cary’s DMS range of products.

The new Cary Audio DMS-700 network audio player


That is until the new DMS-700. The DMS-700 uses AKM’s latest flagship DAC, the AK4499EQ. Instead of voltage output Delta-Sigma architecture, these 4499 DACs are R2R (resistor to resistor) Ladder DACs with current output. This alone required a complete rethink of the DMS digital circuitry. The R2R Ladder architecture can sound much more analogue like while lots of detail yet retaining a very natural, smooth, and musical response. This type of DAC is much more complex to integrate but the rewards can be significant with proper implementation.

Not content alone in using a R2R Ladder DAC, Cary also incorporated a FPGA chip that works in conjunction with the DAC to make sure no crossover distortion is present.

Billy Wright of Cary Audio told us: “Few companies use FPGA DACs and even fewer use R2R Ladder DACs. Almost no one uses both. This is how committed we are to perfection and to pushing the DMS platform even further! Using FPGA alone as a DAC is not a good idea unless you think company X’s local or outside solitary software engineer is more capable than the teams of engineers at giant chip makers…not likely. Using R2R DACs alone also has its challenges. Therefore, we use a FPGA Chip to support the AK4499EQ R2R Ladder DAC and program each to support the other, resulting in an absolutely stunning sound. Of course, the digital circuitry alone does not account for the overall sound. Cary Audio is renowned for designing musical analogue circuits. As a matter of fact, 1/3rd of the entire DMS-700’s internals are dedicated to the analogue stage, 1/3rd to digital circuity, and 1/3rd to power supply, all shielded and separated”.

The new Cary Audio DMS-700 features an upgraded DAC chip to it’s predecessor

LCD Screen

Aside from sound, the DMS-700 is packed with new and improved features like an LCD screen with twice the resolution of previous DMS models, at 1600 x 1200 dpi, Crytek Oscillator Clock, 7 independent regulated power supplies, USB/SD Card inputs with built-in NAS Drive capability, Spotify Connect, and Coaxial and Optical DSD and PCM 384kHz or higher capability. Queue tracks and shuffles back and forth from all network, internet, USB & SD input sources without stopping playback of current track/source. The DMS-700 also has a Pure Audio mode, Sleep timer, enhanced server function of playlists and adding Artist and Albums to playlists.

Price And Availability

The DMS-700 has a retail price of $7,995 and is now available for preorder. They are offering a special introductory offer at limited quantities that will ship mid-late December.

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