This January at the 2013 CES show, Cary Audio will unveil a number of new products.  image001First, they will be showing new digital to analog converters. The DAC-100 will be a completely solid-state design, while the DAC-100t will be a hybrid design with a vacuum tube output stage.

Cary Audio will also be officially launching a new Audio Electronics component, filling out the Audio Electronics line along with the currently available Nighthawk headphone amplifier, Constellation preamplifier, and Hercules amplifier.  The Lightning DAC, an all solid-state design, will utilise a new digital input board designed by Gordon Rankin. Inputs include Streamlength USB to listen to computer audio from either MAC or PC, and coaxial and Toslink, all handling up to 24-bit/192 kHz files.  On the analog side, they will introduce for the first time at CES a new vacuum tube power amplifier and preamplifier. The Hercules amplifier is a 30 watt/channel class-AB design, with one pair of EL34 output tubes per channel and one 12AX7 input/driver tube per channel. It is a zero global feedback design, is biased heavily into class-A over a large portion of its power range, and uses a cathode-biasing circuit for plug-and-play operation.  The Constellation preamplifier is a full class-A triode design utilising a single 6SN7 tube per channel.  It has three line-level inputs and a remote-controllable motorized volume control.


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