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HIGHRESAUDIO is a high-resolution music download service offering a diverse catalog of music in Studio Master-Quality. HRA_Logo_POSITIV_RZHIGHRESAUDIO is the perfect companion for audiophiles, music lovers and digital audio systems and anywhere else that pure sound quality matters.

HIGHRESAUDIO is founded by a team of experienced, visionary and enthusiastic music specialists and audio engineers in Germany. We embrace the transformation brought by technologies to the music industry and audiophiles in the pursuit of the ultrasonic music experience. HIGHRESAUDIO develops innovative services and applications, business models and shapes new commercial opportunities for record labels, artists and manufacturers of digital audio products.

Lothar Kerestedjian, is founder and CEO since 2010 of the music download platform for music lovers and audiophiles called As founder and CEO of HIGH-DEF Technology GmbH in 2004, he paved the way for Intel and Microsoft into the living-room with the development of the world’s smallest, fan less HD-main board and home entertainment media centers. For Philips he developed home automation software. The products are successfully deployed on various Philips touch screen remote controls as well as Windows Mobile enabled handheld devices in the market.

Mr. Kerestedjian‘s international experience led him develop business scenarios, models and products in Germany, Belgium, Holland, USA, Australia and Japan. He has successfully supported the following companies in the preparation of business cases and deploying products into market: PEL (Panasonic European Laboratories), MEI, Philips Interactive Media, Toshiba, Daikin USA Laboratories, ARD Digital, RTL New Media and ProSieben Media. In addition, he has an all-around knowledge of the audio, video,HRASCREENSHOT music, television and the consumer home-entertainment business.    

Hifi Pig asked Lothar a few questions about the site. 

How does HighResAudio select material for the website?

LK.: We are very well established and share a good relationship with all record companies and their staff. Even with the recording engineers, mastering and studio owner. We exchange a lot of our know-how, demand, interest of music and quality with the above people in order to get premium quality music for our customers.

We are very selective in the repertoire that we sell. Each album goes through a professional quality control process. That includes measuring, analyzing and listing-session to at least 2-3 tracks of each album. Depending on the result, we decide in a small team, if we offer or trash it. More than 30% of the delivered material that we receive, does not match our quality criteria and gets trashed. We only offer the native original 24bit source. Up-sampled and technical manipulated content is a absolute no go and I see as fraud! This philosophy and strategy differentiates us from the rest and surely gets recognized sooner or later.

What is the biggest single restriction you face as a company to gaining more business?

LK.: Obtaining high quality recorded music. I myself invest more than 80% of my time in searching and acquiring content. More importantly than the sampling rate is the musical performance of the the musicians themselves and how the music was captured, mastered and remastered. I have also to constantly chase licensing and territorial rights, because certain repertoire especially from the major record companies is not on the release day available in all countries simultaneously. That‘s laborious for us and also often not understandable for the customer. Nevertheless, 65% of our repertoire is available worldwide.

You mentioned 20% of your turnover is in the UK, do you have a rough breakdown of which countries are buying what?

LK.: Of course being German based, the large portion is generated out of the German-speaking countries. Nevertheless, the interest from UK customers is rapidly increasing on a monthly bases. I guess, we are doing a good job. The store is completely in English. We offer British Pound as local currency including a reward bonus-point system. PayPal and credit cards as payment options and of course a 24/7 support with English speaking staff.


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Very Best Wishes to All for a Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year from everyone at The Missing Link & Vinyl Passion

We have had a very busy and interesting year creating a new range of Turn Table upgrades, building relations with new dealers and distributors & launching our new website for all things Vinyl.

With Christmas Shopping now in full swing you may have your own ‘Wishful Thought’ for what might be in your Christmas stocking this year!

If one of your loves is Vinyl we have some perfect gifts for you.


The Best Choice for preserving your Stylus and cherished vinyl with Five Best Buy Awards – available world-wide at £21dust buster (1)

The VP Dust Buster Stylus Cleaner consists of a small pot full of a thick substance. It is simple to use. You unscrew the lid and very gently lower the stylus into the pot, pausing for a moment before lifting it. As it is removed any residue from the tip stays in the pot leaving your stylus sparklingly clean.

A Simple and Very Effective Product at £21.00

Available from Amazon, Ebay, Tesco Direct, Russ Andrews, Analogue Seduction, Divine Audio, Origin Live, Mackenzie Hi Fi, Fresh Press Records, The Music Exchange, Pendulum Records, Vinyl Passion and all good music stockists in the UK . Also available in France, Sweden, Ukraine, Australia  and America. Vinyl Passion Designer Mark Sears says of the VP Dust-Buster, “I consider it my gift to the vinyl music lover and a major contribution in the preservation of rare and cherished vinyl”. Buy Now.

The Perfect Platter Mat

High quality Black Vinyl Passion Carbon Acrylic 3mm Platter Mat… £28.00platter mat

We have managed to keep the thickness down to only 3mm while maintaining the perfect performance and resonance control by using a special type of Acrylic

This has the following benefits for your turntable

The Vinyl Passion Mat will replace most standard platter mats without the need to alter the tone arm VTA or suspension balance due to the weight being only 230 grams – unlike some of the thicker alternatives on the market this will also give a superior impedance match to your vinyl giving a better overall sound and improved dynamics.

Polymer platter mats are advised by Vinyl Passion to be used in conjunction with our range of record care products and turntable upgrades due to the fact Polymer mats do not hold dust or debris as is often the case with other mat types that can contaminate your cherished vinyl. Buy Now

Available direct from  and vinylpassionhifi on Ebay 

Want to totally spoil yourself ?

Beautiful Customised Vinyl Passion VP12 Turn Table

Beautiful to gaze upon and Exquisitely Musical to the eartt (1)

Carbon Acrylic ‘Foundation’ Base Board with Gold Plated Spike Feet – Unique custom Kalos Plinth  hand built from ethically sourced English Oak – VP Unity-Two Sub-Chassis – VP Orpheus Top Plate

Custom Black Platter with Purple VP Platter Mat – Jeff Spall tonearm and Benz Ace Cartridge.

Many Custom Options Available –

Treat yourself to a visit to the Vinyl Passion Music Room for an afternoon of musical delight.

By Appointment – Phone 01623 844478

We hope you have a Fun Christmas and a Healthy Happy and Prosperous New Year. 

Jan, Mark, Jon and The Cats  x

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Henry Audio is a bit of an oddball in the world of HiFi. What is now a very well received and good sounding DAC actually started image3
out as a DIY project.

Børge Strand-Bergesen, the Norwegian founder of Henry Audio, has been working on a hi-end CD player for most of his adult life. About four years ago it was obvious the player needed a good USB input, but it was far from obvious who could provide one.

The answer was the Open Source SDR-Widget project. An international group of radio amateurs had put their heads together and developed specialized HAM radio hardware. And it had a very good USB Audio implementation. Børge joined the group and the Audio-Widget project was forked off. Initially, hardware was only offered to fellow project members. After some time software bugs were ironed out and the Norwegian HiFi magazine Watt tested the DAC.

The DAC’s good test and recommendation in the magazine caught Børge by surprise, and a decision was made to try to sell a few more DACs. At the time, the Henry Audio name wasn’t yet there, so a lot of people know the DAC as QNKTC (Quantization Noise Killed The Cat). Something had to be done to attract HiFi enthusiasts in general and cat lovers in particular. Thus the product was renamed Henry Audio USB DAC 128 in early 2014.

Later in 2014, after 500 DACs sold world-wide, a decision was made to up the ante. This time, technology was shed from the CD player and into the USB DAC. Being a professional PCB layout consultant, Børge reorganized the internals for a better split of analog and digital sections.

image4Every part of the DAC received a work over with significantly better power reserves. Whenever a chip needs to deliver some current somewhere, the DAC is designed to let that chip have it a-plenty and fast! More power fast directly translates to better sound quality. The often dirty power supply coming over the USB cable was also given an enhanced power filter.

The result is the Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII. Compared to previous models the new one packs a much larger punch. A double bass comes alive with this DAC! More and readily available power also improves on the musical character and makes the DAC more true to life. Hifi Pig was first to test the mkII. 

The purpose of the Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII is to show music lovers just how good modern, computer-stored audio can sound. If you care enough about your music to own a stereo kit, and want the convenience of playing your music through a PC, a Mac or a Linux box, a DAC is an absolutely essential component. Without a separate DAC the computer will be the weakest link in the chain. Regardless of the quality of your amp, speakers or headphones, the noisy signals inside the computer should be shielded from the rest of your audio system.

In addition to being a digital audio lifesaver, the DAC remains a designer’s toolbox. 99% of everybody who owns a Henry Audio image1 (1)DAC will never take it apart or modify it. But students, electrical engineers, programmers and other tinkerers here have a piece of modern audio equipment which was designed from the start with them in mind. The DAC can be modified, reconnected and reprogrammed. Makers and doers are welcome to share their experience with other Audio-Widget project members. The design files are published under Open Source licenses and readily available.

The Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII does only a few things. But it tries to do those few things very, very well. USB audio easily lends itself to the design of very good clocking circuits inside the DAC. The asynchronous clocking technology was what made the SDR-Widget project such a good starting point for a HiFi DAC. As the DAC turns your PC into a HiFi component over the USB cable, it is not as easily done to also support SPDIF or TOSLINK. Future models may do that, but the present model is kept simple by not including it.

The same goes for a headphone amplifier. To match the quality of the USB DAC part of the design, an added headphone output would increase the retail price quite a lot. And that feature would be of no use to people who already have a preferred amplifier. So the USB DAC 128 mkII bridges the gap from computer to amplifier. That’s the only thing it does, and that’s a thing it does very well.

The USB DAC 128 mkII is stocked in the UK. EU customers get it delivered without any customs hassle.

Depending on your location you can order it in local currency – including shipping – from: – German translation

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All the staff at Tellurium Q would like to wish Hifi Pig readers, all our customers, dealers and distributors a happy Christmas and hope you all have a fantastic New Year. Black Diamond Product of the Year (1)

We have been especially lucky this year in receiving product of the year awards for six individual products throughout our range from entry level right up to the reference cables, these are:

Black Diamond Speaker cable, awarded product of the year in both Poland and UK and as one reviewer called it: “The tonal balance is perfect”.

BD-USB 1 (1)Black Diamond USB, that even one of our cable competitors admitted: “Your Black Diamond [USB] cable is wonderful. Detailed and highly resolving with a wonderful decay with both voice and instruments and a lovely sense of ambiance Absolutely true to source and very musical, relaxed and neutral.

Congratulations. Thank you for the opportunity to use and evaluate the Black Diamond USB cable. ZenSati Australia endorses your Black Diamond USB cable.

You have a true faithful to source USB Cable. If manufacturers and designers could only produce digital sources as good as your cables we would have digital Nirvana.”

George Fracchia, ZenSati Australia

Blue USB,“Comparing the Blue lead with the best cables that I have in the house was an eye-opener. I found that I was getting a Blue-USB-1-Close-Largesmoother and more detailed treble response, a very fast delivery of the bass and an open sound-stage that displayed a certain amount of depth that I am not used to hearing from a USB connected source”

Shuko-EU-Black-Power-Small-185x125Black Power Cable:“ A frankly stunning performance – a rare set of cables that have the ability to transform your entire hi fi chain”

In short, I can honestly say the Tellurium Q Black Diamond interconnects and speaker cable are the very best leads that I have ever had in my system.

The position of Tellurium Q© has remained staunchly the same since it was founded in 2009: BD-XLR-Full-4-Large

  1. We will only produce a product if we believe there is an audible benefit for our customers.
  1. We do not publish technical specifications partly because you need to hear that there is a difference, that is the most important thing of all.


We hope that your will get the opportunity to hear what your system can sound like in 2015 with Tellurium Q© cables.TQBOTTOM


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The Blue was specifically designed for dealers and customers to be able to terminate themselves if you choose to. It has been theblue plus awards entry level cable for a few years now and still getting awards for its performance.

As a recent review put it:

The Blue Speaker cable is a good example that good sound on a budget is within easy reach”

HiFi Pig, 2014



The Ultra Blue was again designed to be able to be terminated by the public. While great in typical good hifi systems, it’s intendedUltra plus awards function was for home cinema and custom installation. But a cable can’t make a difference can it? Try it and hear for yourself more richness and body than ever before.

“The Ultra Blues just seem to do something special without even trying. …It offers a huge bang for the buck, so rightly deserves the high praise”

HiFi Pig, 2014

“An affordable cable that offers a big sound that will suit lean-sounding systems or the home cinema market.”

Hi Fi World, Oct 2014 edition

Blue Diamond plus awardsThe Blue Diamond was originally called “Green” but that did not really indicate which family it sits with, so we recently renamed it. Once burned in it is paradoxically a very smooth but detailed cable. What it seems to do when you listen is to tame the upper harshness that some systems can have (especially in an increasingly digital age) while at the same pulling off the trick of time revealing a staggering amount of detail with a very wide sound stage.

“.. The green [Blue Diamond] is a significant step ahead of most cables at the price in terms of communicating those nebulous qualities we think of as musicality and performance…”

HiFi + , Issue 75, 2010

“The Green [Blue Diamond] cables could be described as ‘sweet’. That doesn’t mean cloying or that they throw any sort of veil over detail, far from it. These, warm, very friendly cables broaden the sound stage and provide, for the first time, an onion skin array of musi- cal detail. That is, bass exhibited a multi-tonal depth and vocals displayed a complexity unheard by both the Blue and Black cables.

…ideal for any slightly bright system”. Paul Rigby, HiFi World, 2010


Advertising PromotionTQ TOP

A Little history first:

Way back in 2002 Simon (who runs a small studio that Tellurium Q run early stage cable tests) and Geoff (a Director at Tellurium tqAV1Q) where working on various audio phenomena and testing them to see how effective they were. One such project was sound influence on meditative brain wave patterns for a CD training disc called “Quantum Meditation”  (see picture opposite).

Moving forward to this year, 2014 Tellurium Q were asked if a distributor could source burn in discs to provide with a few of the very highest end cables. Tellurium Q talked with a producer but long story cut short they were not forthcoming which led to a eureka moment. Geoff having a background in materials chemistry and with Simon and him having already researched sound generation and effects it seemed stupid not to develop our own.

This was our thinking:

Most music follows a form that can be calculated with a fourier transform analysis and time frequency analysis indicating it is not random, which simply means that your system can get into a “rut”. Like going to a gym and training only a few specific muscles for years and then wondering why your body is out of balance. This recording takes your system through a full workout of frequencies and tonal changes that is specifically designed to stretch your system’s components and bring new life into your music.

We place equal importance on all frequencies and even go into deep bass in a way that sub woofers will benefit from while working up through mids into the upper high frequency ranges in a non-sequential , non-Fourier way. There are also no pure ratio intervals to allow your system to slouch while it is having its work out. This is also one of the prime reasons that music played normally is slow to burn in components compared to this tool. Music does not cover your system’s range in a way that exercises the components sufficiently in a mechanical, electronic and magnetic sense to burn in your various components as efficiently.

This was the result:

We believe that the recording sounds unlike any burn in or system “perk up” CD that you will have heard for good reason and the feedback that we are starting to get is surprising us.

“This is just to let you know that I finally got the CD yesterday. I must say that after playing the whole CD just once, my entire system (not only Ultra Blacks) has improved dramatically. Your product is absolutely brilliant. (By the way, I used burn-in CDs by two well-known British companies for extended periods of time, but they are nowhere near as good.)” 

Jerzy from Poland

Find out more. 



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